Vegan & Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

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    Raw and vegan, macrobiotic and vegetarian restaurants: diving into the flavor of health

    There’s a growing trend in Rome, though it might be more appropriate to call it an organic modus vivendi, that of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, starting with what we eat: “zero kilometers” ingredients, low impact on the environment, high fiber content, no saturated fats and many vitamins and minerals. Here’s our selection of restaurants for you.
    Ecru offers a natural cuisine, with healthy and energy-filled raw dishes, gluten-free and lactose-free. Delicious raw treats served at breakfast and snacks accompanied by a 100% organic coffee (Via Acciaioli 13).
    Enoteca Palatium: a multi-sensory journey through the food and wine specialties of the Roman countryside (Via Frattina, 94).
    Flower Burger is the first gourmet vegan burger restaurant in Italy and it’s a must-try for vegans and burger lovers (Via dei Gracchi, 87).
    Hosteria del Mercato 1870 is simultaneously a restaurant, pizzeria, organic juice bar, tea room, cocktail bar, but also like a real London market with seasonal products (Via Bocca di Leone, 46).
    Ma Va’?: the small venue has a kitchen on view where the chef prepares vegan and vegetarian dishes inspired by Mediterranean tradition (Via Euclide Turba, 6/8).
    Orto: the track of a tractor frames the counter while verdigris sprayers from the 1900s cover the walls of the room (Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 142).
    Solo Crudo is the first raw street food spot in Rome with gluten-free foods and no animal derivatives (Viale Federico Cesi, 22).
    In Parioli the Zero Restaurant exalts the basic ingredients used for wok, steamed, raw and grilled dishes, prepared with the utmost respect for the properties of each food (Viale Liegi, 53).
    Zoé is a stall inside the new Testaccio Market where you can drink excellent fresh fruit and vegetable extracts and sample tasty salads and fruit salads (Via B. Franklin, 12/c).