Boutique hotel in Rome, near the Spanish Steps



Just a stone’s throw from the legendary Spanish Steps and the ever-vibrant thoroughfares of Via Condotti, Via Borgogna and Via Frattina, you will find our luxury boutique hotel Hotel d'Inghilterra, gracefully situated in the heart of the historical centre of Rome. The magic of traditional Italian hospitality is here combined with the elegance of modern detailing, giving rise to the particular identity of our hotel, which is renowned for having been a favoured haunt of glamorous members of the international aristocracy and the jet-set.

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  • History

    A noble palazzo in the heart of Rome

    There are few places in Rome that can boast a history as prestigious as that of Hotel d’Inghilterra, which is within easy walking distance of Via Condotti, the fashion-shopping hub par excellence, and Piazza di Spagna, location of the Spanish Steps.
    Transformed into a hotel in 1845, Hotel d’Inghilterra is housed within a building constructed in the mid-16th century, which originally served as sleeping quarters for guests visiting the palazzo across the road, belonging to the noble Torlonia family. The hotel owes its name to the celebrated English poet Keats who, together with Byron and Shelley, made it the destination of choice when visiting Rome. The hotel’s logo, inspired by the coat-of-arms of the British Royal Family, is a testament to the deep-seated, centuries-old link that the hotel has had with Britain and the Windsors.
    From the outset, the Hotel has been frequented by aristocrats and celebrities, with the roll call of illustrious guests taking in everyone from Franz Liszt and Hans Christian Andersen to Henry James, Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain, as well as more modern stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Gregory Peck.

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  • Elegance

    An emblem of the Italian tradition, enriched by modern detailing

    Over the years, history, art, intellectual dynamism and international culture have constructed and delineated the particular identity of Hotel d’Inghilterra. To this day, the hotel is still favoured by a refined élite who arrive here from all across the world, because they appreciate the atmosphere of authentic Italian hospitality together with the original, contemporary design of the spaces within this spellbinding accommodation in the very heart of Rome. Chandeliers, paintings, works of art and bright, bold colours enhance the feel of the hotel’s guest rooms and public rooms, creating a welcoming ambience that makes you feel very much at home.

    Exclusivity and refinement are also to be found in spades at the oh-so-British Bond Bar and in the Ristorante Café Romano, which serves up exquisite Mediterranean cuisine under the experienced supervision of Chef Antonio Vitale.
    The breathtaking panorama that opens up before your eyes on the upper floors, encompassing some of the capital’s most breathtaking monuments and treasures, completes the truly unique experience you are sure to have as a guest at Hotel d'Inghilterra.

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  • Location

    The heart of Rome on your doorstep

    Hotel d'Inghilterra benefits from an enviable location in the historical centre of Rome. It is situated on Via Borgogna, in the fashion quarter, just a short stroll from Piazza di Spagna and the legendary Spanish Steps. The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the mesmerising Roman Forum are all within easy striking distance on foot, whereas a short, enjoyable walk will take you to the lush, enchanting environs of Villa Borghese.
    In short, the luxury location of our boutique hotel makes it the perfect base from which to explore the numerous attractions that Rome has to offer, from its monuments to its prestigious temples of fashion, to say nothing of the stylish bars, cafés and restaurants of the city centre.