Restaurant Cafè Romano & Bond Bar



  • Cuisine

    Traditional Roman cuisine is attractive and ebullient

    From the earliest days of ancient Rome, food has always played a central role here: banquets, convivia and simple feasts were the subject of stories and treatises by the most famous Latin writers, who provided a window for us on what the ancient gastronomic culture was really like.
    Today, just as it has always been, Roman cuisine is an homage to the seasons, to freshness and to uncomplicated recipes. Its intense flavours speak of a time-honoured passion for the land, of rural wisdom passed down from one generation to the next, and of ingredients that were often poor but always loaded with flavour. The skilful use of vegetables and cereals, as well as the influence of far-off peoples and the art of cooking the less prized cuts of meat (the famous "fifth quarter" – i.e. the offal of butchered animals), combined to give rise to a cuisine rich in taste and character, which has become famous right across the globe. 

  • Café Romano

    A 5-star culinary experience

    The exclusive location in the heart of Rome, the mastery of our Chef and the refined contemporary style together make Café Romano the perfect place for a sumptuous repast in the capital.
    With its charming pavement section on Via Borgognona, cosmopolitan atmosphere and wide-ranging menus for a light brunch or a substantial dinner, our restaurant has become the go-to eatery for those wanting to explore exceptionally authentic Mediterranean cuisine and to sample one of the carefully selected wines appearing on our list.

    To book a table please contact us.
    Via Borgognona, 4M - Rome (Italy)
    +39 06 69981500

    Breakfast: from 7 am to 10.30 am
    Lunch: from 12 am to 6 pm
    Dinner: from 7 pm to 10.30 pm

  • Bond Bar

    An oasis of relaxation informed by all things British

    Set between Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti, Hotel d'Inghilterra’s Bond Bar is a hotspot redolent of 007, who is even immortalised in a number of the cocktails prepared by our celebrated barman Roberto Pezzuco, flanked by his experienced team.
    This British-style bar is embellished by an impressive array of art both classical and modern, and by comfortable leather armchairs, where the great and the good, both local and international, love to linger over a Martini – expertly shaken, not stirred, of course – or perhaps a cocktail, a glass of regional or national wine or a fantastic coffee.

    Via Borgognona, 4M Rome (Italia)
    +39 06 69981500